Instructions for library use

Instructions for use are developed by Scientific library according to the Federal law «About a library science» (from 29.12.1994 78-FZ). Instructions for use regulate the general order of the organisation of service of readers of library, the right and a duty of a reader.

1. The rights of readers

Students, post-graduate students, doctors, the faculty, science officers, and also other users of a network the Internet have the right to use principal views of the library information services given by library:

— To receive the full information on structure of uniform library fund through system of catalogues and search;
— To use the advisory help in search of various documents at a forum.

2. Duties of readers

Each visitor of library is obliged:

— To be polite and benevolent in relation to employees of library, to observe the present Rules;
— To change the password periodically and not to suppose its loss;
— To use the placed materials only for the information search that is necessary for educational process and scientific activity;
— To observe the Federal Law «About author's and the adjacent rights», without supposing unapproved copying of documents, databases and other resources of library.

3. Responsibility of readers

The reader who broken the present Rules or has caused to library a damage, bears responsibility according to the legislation. The library administration has the rights to disconnect the user who has broken given rules.

4. Responsibility restriction Is an Internet library with open contents. It is the voluntary noncommercial community, creating and publishing files in it. Its structure allows any who has access to the Internet and a browser, to change its maintenance.
The given library does not possess the authentic data; vandalism chances when during your reading someone intend will be spoilt by a file or will correct it, leaning against the point of view, instead of on opinions of the majority of an audience. Nevertheless, the administration steadfastly watches creation of new articles and editing already available.
Anybody from authors and managers does not bear responsibility for occurrence inexact or a false information, and also for use of the data containing on these web pages or found under references from them.
Please, take into consideration that all information which is here, is given freely, as the good will certificate, without the conclusion of any arrangements or contracts between you and owners or users of the given site, owners of servers on whom it is placed, managers of the project, operators or someone else, any image connected with this project which can become a subject of direct claims.
Any trade marks, signs and names of the goods, services and the organisations, the design copyright, the author's and adjacent rights which are mentioned, used or quoted in articles, belong to their lawful owners. cannot bear responsibility for any caused damage as is the voluntary community freely organised for creation of an open educational, cultural and information resource. The information is given as the certificate of good will and there is no agreement or the certificate about intentions between you and concerning use or information change.

5. Copyrights

If any file breaks your copyrights, please, inform us on it.
Example: English grammar
Upload your file to E-Lingvo

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