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Dzhek Keruak (Jack Kerouak)

Brodjagi Dharmy (Dharma Bums)
  XTreme   Russian   0   1182 

Dzhek London (Jack London)

Belyj Klyk (White Fang)
  XTreme   Russian   0   2378 

Dzhek London (Jack London)

Martin Iden (Martin Eden)
  XTreme   Russian   0   1815 

Dzhek London (Jack London)

Serdca treh (Nearts of Three)
  XTreme   Russian   0   1851 

Dzherom D. Se'lindzher (Jerome D. Salinger)

Íad propast'ju vo rzhi (The Catcher in the Rye)
  XTreme   Russian   0   1934 

Dzherom Klapka Dzherom (Jerome Klapka Jerome)

Troe v lodke (ne schitaja sobaki) (Three Men in a Boat (To Say Nothing of the Dog)
  XTreme   Russian   0   1482 

Dzhovanni Dzhakomo Kazanova (Giovanni Giacomo Casanova)

Istorija moej zhizni (Nistoire de ma vie)
  XTreme   Russian   0   1334 

Dzhozef Konrad (Josef Conrad)

Lord Dzhim (Lord Jim)
  XTreme   Russian   0   1307 

Dzhozef Konrad (Josef Conrad)

Íostromo (Nostromo)
  XTreme   Russian   0   1622 

Dzhozef Heller (Joseph Neller)

Popravka-22 (Catch-22)
  XTreme   Russian   0   1261 

Dzhojs Ke'ri (Joyce Cary)

Iz ljubvi k blizhnemu (The Prisoner of Grace)
  XTreme   Russian   0   1218 

Dzhojs Ke'rol Outs (Joyce Carol Oates)

Delaj so mnoj chto zahochesh' (Do with Me What You Will)
  XTreme   Russian   0   1629 

Dzhon Apdajk (John Updike)

Krolik, begi (Rabbit, Run)
  XTreme   Russian   0   1242 

Dzhon Apdajk (John Updike)

Davaj pozhenimsja (Marry Me)
  XTreme   Russian   0   1354 

Dzhon Arbetnot (John Arbuthnot) (1667-173)

Istorija Dzhona Bulja (Nistory of John Bull)
  XTreme   Russian   0   1175 

Dzhon Ben'jan ( John Bunyan)

Puteshestvie piligrima (The Pilgrim's Progress from This World, To That Which Is to Come)
  XTreme   Russian   0   1177 

Dzhon Bojton Pristli (John Boynton Priestley)

Opasnyj povorot (Dangerous Comer)
  XTreme   Russian   0   1484 

Dzhon Bojton Pristli (John Boynton Priestley)

Inspektor prishel (An Inspektor Calls)
  XTreme   Russian   0   1375 

Dzhon Gardner (John Gardner)

Osennij svet (October Light)
  XTreme   Russian   0   1153 

Dzhon Gej ( John Gay)

Opera nischego (The Beggar's Opera)
  XTreme   Russian   0   1178 

Dzhon Golsuorsi (John Galsworthy)

Saga o Forsajtah (The Forsyte sage)
  XTreme   Russian   0   2465 

Dzhon Dos Passos (John Dos Passos)

SShA (U. S. A.)
  XTreme   Russian   0   2328 

Dzhon Le Karre (John Le Carre)

Shpion, prishedshij s holoda (The Spy Who Came in From the Cold)
  XTreme   Russian   0   1065 

Dzhon Mil'ton (John Milton)

Samson-borec ( Samson Agonistes)
  XTreme   Russian   0   1219 

Dzhon Mil'ton (John Milton)

Poterjannyj raj (Paradise Lost)
  XTreme   Russian   0   1662 

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